Real Estate

We are specialist investors and developers of Roadside Real Estate. Our team is one of the most experienced in this sector in the UK and over the last 15 years has developed 100,000s of sq ft.

We integrate sustainability into our development and investment strategy, working with occupiers to create a better environment and more efficient, sustainable assets.

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We are specialists in developing and Investing in Modern Roadside Real Estate. 

Our Portfolio Parameters

  • Prominent Roadside locations on main arterial roads with good catchments.
  • Core focus on a Convenience offer with free car parking, occupiers being Drive Thru, Drive 2, Trade Counter, Convenience Food, Leisure, Self-Storage and Last Mile logistics.
  • Modern sustainable assets which are essential for us as Investors/Developers, Occupiers and Consumers.
  • Sustainability and new technology are embraced to ensure future-proofing of the portfolio.
  • Income is secured against robust tenants with good WALUTS or asset management situations where we can create this income profile.

Investment & Development Requirements

  • We focus on acquiring and developing modern prominent assets and sites on arterial roads with good traffic flows and catchments that will enable us to deliver our Convenience offer, with a mix of Drive Thrus, Foodvenience, Local Logistics, Trade Counters and other Roadside uses. The ability to provide ultra-fast EV charging facilities on sites is a key component of our acquisition criteria.

    Our minimum lots size is £2.0m for individual assets but we have no upper-limit and will also consider portfolio acquisition opportunities.

    We are seeking:

    • Investments 
    • Development sites 
    • Forward funding opportunities 

    For more information, please use the contact available in this website’s ‘Contact’ section

Electric Vehicle Charging

  • Roadside is the perfect location for fast charging – easily accessible and convenient, it enables the customer to shop, relax, and click and collect.
  • We create quality locations for ultra-fast charging and increase dwell time on sites.
  • Creating long (20 years plus), indexed linked income from Green Use.

Current projects

We are currently developing schemes in:

Past projects